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About Us

"A few summers ago I spent the weekend at Amberlite Wilderness Resort, thinking it would be a pretty standard campground vibe. Little did I know that I would get to experience one hell of a rock show with some of my favourite local bands playing on a stage right on the beach with a sound and lighting system that would rival most in-town venues. Needless to say, the vibe was incredible, especially because the whole show was organized and produced by the campground and it's seasonal campers, who had come together to share their love of music. These folks call themselves the Boreal Ultimate Music Society, or BUMS.  Born from the hardworking musicians, volunteers, and their families who helped put together the very first AmberJam concert in August of 2017 at Amberlite, BUMS has been a growing force in the music community in Thunder Bay, and from what I can tell, they've only just begun!"   Jimmy Wiggins -

Starting from the humble beginnings, a group of friends and musicians called themselves the BUMS. They threw together a August beachfront concert of Local Bands. That group now has become a full concerted effort as a volunteer driven organization creating The Summer in the Parking Lot live music concert series. In Dec.2023, the group registered as a not for profit corporation under the new name of Superior Multicultural Music Development Society (SMMDS) and will continue promoting the Summer in the Parking Lot concert series in Thunder Bay.  The Boreal Ultimate Music Society lives on as it returns to it's roots to the beach concerts at Amberlite Wilderness Resort.  We've come a long way since 2017... expect more in 2024! 


 Scott Macsemchuk - Boreal Ultimate Music Society -  President

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