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Jesse Patrick O'Neil

June 22, 1984 - March 15, 2019


Jesse grew up in a music loving family, listening to everything from classical to the blues to Celtic and classic rock.

Music was a very important constant in his life from early childhood (even in the his mother’s womb) through his teen years and into adulthood.

Jesse loved to sing and write his own lyrics and poetry.

Music was his best friend through his darkest times, it was the release for his anxiety and his comfort when he was down. But music could also energize him and help him focus when his mind would scatter. 

Jesse’s heart and mind were always far too soft and kind for this world... we often say that about people we love after they’re gone, but his truly was, although he often appeared hardened and pessimistic. He truly ached for better from this world and from himself …. for peace for humanity. He is in that perfect place now.

Over the last 10 years of his life Jesse sought help and received it from family and clinics but tragically Jesse passed in March of 2019 from a drug overdose.

We are sure Jesse would be humbled by the Boreal Ultimate Society’s efforts to promote young song writers and musicians on their path to the one he would have loved to have traveled.

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Jesse Patrick O'Neil Recording fund was established by The Boreal Ultimate Music Society to pay tribute to a son and a friend that has left us too soon.

The Recording Fund will be used to help young upcoming artists with professional recording studio time.

We will bring you news about the disbursement of the Jesse Patrick O'Neil Recording Fund.

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